Still 176.6!
Double fuck!!


sila said...

Heads up! You can do it. Remind yourself why you want to be thin. Don't beat yourself up. Stress causes weight gain. A positive mind helps to lose weight and makes you feel better in general..i belive in you and so can you!

Emma said...

Don't be stressed , you'll probably lose the weight the next day , or after that day ,and it will be a big amount ....... :) trust me

Kate Lunacy. said...

Love your blog. Stay strong, gonna to follow you.
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I really need readers, because in my real life I had no listeners. Alone, yes I
was always alone with my thoughts, in those days I didn't care about it. Untill I discovered the blogs and learnt how good it can feel to have readers. Readers, which share the same intress and have the same feelings after a shitty snack attack.

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Dana said...

Beautiful blog. Keep strong.

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NouveL Lisperguer.♣ said...

fuckin' lbs,
they'are such a pain in the ass.

good luck
i'll follow you

vanilla finnegan said...

where are you?
I miss your posts :(
You were the first ana blog I'd ever been too.
Please come back to your blog!
I know you can accomplish anything you want to.

xoxo- Vanilla Finnegan

heatheeleigh said...

=( Sorry, it really sucks. I'm actually almost exactly where you are too and I just can't seem to get over the first hump. Blows.

We'll both get it though, eventually. Seriously, the girls are right...try not to get too worked up about it. You'll just slow yourself down that way. Once you get past 176.6 it'll be a big jump, I'm sure of it. =)

vanilla finnegan said...

commmeeee baaacckk where aarrree youuu??

MadelinaCooke said...

You're doing so well! Just keep it up! It'll be worth it in the end. Just keep saying no to food, because you're saying yes to thin. You know it's true. Try eat like, a quarter of a fruit a day or something -- it'll stimulate your metabolism and your body will burn calories and fat! Gotta keep that metabolism movinngg :)

Doing awesome girl! Keep it up!!

beautiful dreamer said...

I have read through you blog and love your thoughts! Keep pushing through and you can do it. I am new to being anorexic but I am very serious about it so if you ever want to talk or have tips to share visit my blog Thanx (:

Lee Tucker said...

Hey, I want to "follow" your blog but I can't see how haha. I feel EXACTLY the same as you do in your last post. I'm stuck at 150. Won't budge. No matter what I do. It's making me crazy. Stay strong though! Add me if you want, I have some contact info on my page. Maybe we can help each other.

Toni said...

I know how you feel! Three day's with eating 3 times less calories than I'm burning and the scales haven't changed.
I'm wondering if they're broken... they ARE over 7 yrs old after all
=( try stay positive, dont stress, and be strong. you can get there

katie said...

hey i am going though the same thing join my blog

L.A. said...

Don't worry you'll get there I had a 200-250cal meal for three days and drank nothing but water and calorie free tea and lost 6 pounds with no exercise. Check out my blog, keep trying xo

Andi said...

its really hard not to eat... but support from others really helps...

jamescc said...

"Again! Seriously what is the matter with me? I always fuck everything up I'm such a god damn failure!! After my last post I didn't eat anything on weds and I weighed myself Thursday morning and I was down from 178.8 to 176.6. So I didn't eat anything Thursday and did a bit of exercise and when I stepped on the scales Friday morning it read... 176.6. Wtf!! So I plateaued. I fucking hate that. It feels like I do all this work for nothing."

Okey, I dont know what this blog is all about. But are you trying to kill yourself? This is dangerous!

Anyway. I can tell you why you didn't lose weight:

When you stop eating, your body stops burning calories and fat. If you start eating, for example breakfast only (im assuming you want to be anorectic anyway) you will start the process of burning calories and it will continue the rest of the day.

BUT: If you don't eat breakfast, your body will try to not burn any energy and you will not lose any weight.

It baffles me how little people know about how the body works....

El said...

The owner of has organized and effort among members of the Fat Acceptance movement to shut down blogs that they don't like and now they are targeting fitness and pro ana blogs

All the do is click the Report Abuse link at the top of the blog and when Google gets enough complaints the will remove the blog. Google does not even read the blog to see if the charges are true. They base it only on the number of complaints.

I urge you to flag because she is the ringleader.

Remove her before she removes you!

Meg said...

Here is my website,
I know, lame name. Oh well!

pinkbrain said...

This is was drove me off the edge a while back. I was the same for about 4 months, or something, it was terrible. I'm finally getting control again, it's so hard!

email me if you want to be support buddies.

justliketheriver said...

We all find it hard to get past the first hurlde doll, but you know it'll be worth it! Just stay strong, you can do it!
Heck i've been 166-168 for the past 2 weeks now and i CANNOT shift it!
Control is the hardest thing! And those effin lbs are the bain of my life!
Just keep remembering why you want to be perfect and thin, and you WILL get there girl!
Stay strong!

cleosparks said...

Please come back we miss you!


Danii said...

loving your blog :) gonna follow youu ! :) stay strong :)


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