I Fucked up.....

Again! Seriously what is the matter with me? I always fuck everything up I'm such a god damn failure!! After my last post I didn't eat anything on weds and I weighed myself Thursday morning and I was down from 178.8 to 176.6. So I didn't eat anything Thursday and did a bit of exercise and when I stepped on the scales Friday morning it read... 176.6. Wtf!! So I plateaued. I fucking hate that. It feels like I do all this work for nothing. Like nothing I do will ever be good enough so what's the point in carrying on! So I thought fuck it and I ate. Afterwards I calculated my calories and I was pretty much disgusted with myself :

1 Falafel wrap - 406
1 Feta and rocket sandwich - 467
1 pack of McCoy's flamed grilled crisps - 258
1 pack of Nic Naks - 171
2 packs of Wotsits - 208
3 Cadburys chocolate fingers - 90

Total - 1600

1600 fucking calories!! Like holy crap that's so fucking much!! I stepped on the scales this morning, fully expecting to have put on a couple pounds and I was... 176.6! I'm glad I didn't put anything on but seeing that fucking number again made me wanna scream!! So I decided fuck it I'm gonna fast until Christmas Eve. I break up from uni on friday and all my housemates are going home. I don't leave until the 23rd so I wont have anywhere to be or anyone to see. I can just stay in my bed and waste away!!

So today was day one of the fast that shall hence forth be known as The Christmas time fast. I'm gonna post each days calories, exercise and my general failures and successes.

Day 1

Food - 0 calories

Liquids -

Half a litre of water - 0 calories

Exercise - Zilch

Days total -

+ 0 calories
- 0 calories


crashxDburn said...

Just a thought, have you tried making sure your scale is accurate? Mine is really, really annoying sometimes in that it gets stuck on a number and I have to reset it so it weighs accurately. I don't know what kind of scale you have, but it's an idea if you haven't tried it. I get really frustrated when I see the same number over and over again, too.

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Joshua Lam said...

Hi. What you are doing is not wrong.
I love fat loss!! And I discovered that there are MANY ways for fat loss. But the challenge is always to burn fat while maintaining muscle mass (which aids fat loss even more). But the issue here is that hunger will cause your body to FIRSTLY dispose muscle fibers (tissues) for energy rather than fat storage... so you'll see your weight drop but you will still see fat, fat, fat. and fat still... :( :( :(
I have lost over 16kg of fat (not weight) a year (without hunger) and it never came back. So yes. I am a fitness trainer, and a fat loss expert. I have a six pack and I love cuddles & smooches... especially from a girl like you ;).

But as a guy. Hey! Watch this.

Dont worry I wont expect you to approve my comment, but this is my way of communicating to you.
You are lovely and beautiful!!

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