Seven Days And A Plateau........

Its midnight and I just got back from a Halloween party. I went as a devil. A fat, red devil. I looked awful. All the other girls were in skimpy costumes and I just looked like a big, fat round tomato!! There was so much alcohol and food there it was unbelievable. I stuck to water for the night and every time the sweets were passed around I took some and put them in my pocket. I don't think anyone noticed. At least, I hope they didn't. I told everyone I felt sick and I left early. They all thought it was because I ate too many sweets. Ha! If only they knew the truth. That I felt sick because I hadn't let any food pass my lips in eight days (Today was my eighth day of fasting)

I can't actually believe I've managed to abstain from food for 8 whole days. I can remember the first time I ever tried to fast, I barely lasted half a day! When I made it past the week mark I was pretty pleased with myself. I'd kinda like to last for a whole 30 days but I don't know if I will. At the moment I'm just thinking about making it to the 14 day mark, then I'll see if I can make it another 2 weeks. It should be pretty easy to make it to 14 days. I'll stay in tomorrow and I haven't got any food in the house so I won't be able to eat. Monday I've got uni all day and 0 money, so I wont be able to buy anything. Tuesday and Wednesday I've got off. I usually go down town with some friends on my day off so the temptation to eat will be greater but hopefully I'll be able to pull it off. Thursday I've got lectures all day so again it should be easy to not eat. Friday I've got off but It'll be day 14 and I doubt I'll feel the need to eat when I'm so close to my goal.

Thursday and Friday I hit a plateau. Every time I weighed myself I was 193.2lbs Which was just shit! But I weighed myself this morning and I'm 190.6. Hopefully when I weigh myself tomorrow I'll be in the 180's. So I lost 14.4lbs last week. Hopefully this week I can lose the same.