A new dawn......

I've just turned 18 and....

I'm still not thin, I'm still not in control, I'm still not any of the things I said I would be by the time I started uni. I could make excuse after excuse to justify to myself why I haven't been able to reach my goal but they would all be lies and I am so sick of it.

So today is the start of a new dawn. In exactly ten days I move in to halls and start my new life at uni. No more eating whatever junk is lying around the house, no more people inquiring into why I haven't eaten today or people offering me food I don't wont. In ten days I start my journey towards the new me, in ten days my new life begins, in ten days I take control!

So in that vein I've decided to post my stats. Be warned they're not pretty and usually I would never tell anyone what I weigh. But in the interest of full disclosure and the fact that I know today is going to be the last time I ever weigh this much, I present them here for all to see.

CW - 210lbs
UGW - 112lbs

Date I want to achieve this by 31st December. That gives me exactly 108 days to lose 98lbs. Its a lot of pounds and not much time so to keep me on track I've decided to give myself mini-targets and rewards. They are as follows:

CW - 210lbs / 15th Sept /
GW1 - 196lbs /30th Sept /New Bag
GW2 - 182lbs /15th Oct / New Shoes
GW3 - 168lbs /30th Oct / New Skirt
GW4 - 154lbs /14th Nov/ New Top
GW5 - 140lbs /30th Nov/ New Trousers
GW6 - 126lbs /15th Dec / New Dress
UGW - 112lbs/30th Dec /

I know I've got a long way to go and a hard journey ahead, but this time I'm determined to succeed. No matter what..

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sila said...

i just stumbled over your blog and wanted to whish you the best of luck!

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